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Melissa Allison RMT

Women's Registered Massage Therapy Services:


Massage Therapy is more than a treatment, it's an experience. 

Ontario St. ROAD CLOSURE: Ontario and Linwell: Please come from Lakeport Rd and Ontario street.


-Which Service is best for you?-
Most treatments are offered in 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 minutes. I kindly ask you to give 24 hours notice for cancellation. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be subjected to a 100% charge of the appointment booked. Click the "Book an Appointment online" button at the top of this website for pricing.

Prenatal Massage:

 Prenatal Massage transforms in treatments just as you will. New aches may arise from round ligament pain, sciatic, and swelling, where treatment can assist in keeping you comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Treatment can also help you to enjoy your pregnancy a little more! After all, you are growing a human!


You are getting used to your new body, holding your body in positions you never did before, and you're sleep deprived. Taking care of yourself helps you to take care of others. Don't forget about yourself. Treatment can be provided shortly after birth, as long as you are comfortable and willing. In a pinch for child care? Not to fret my friend-twist my arm to hang out with momma and baby! Bring baby with you (it may not be the most relaxing treatment) but we will make it work.

Infant Massage (0-6 months):

Infant massage can be used for bonding, creating a night time routine, assisting with digestive upsets, calming the nervous system, or providing space for check-ins.
If having latching or feeding challenges, a great referral is suggested for you!

Maintenance & TLC

You don't have to be a parent or a parent-to-be of any form to come in for treatment, you deserve to treat #1. Come in and let's address those wears and tears of life!

Cesarean Scar Massage:


(With doctor approval and/or 6-8 weeks after surgery)

Ensuring your scar heals optimally we want to encourage the various layers beneath the skin to glide smoothly over one another. When tissue is interrupted, scar tissue is laid down as a normal bodily response but is often in a dysfunctional manner. Let's encourage mobility, sensation, and connection in the scar, and address compensation habits in the body. Treatment can be incorporated into any reserved time.

Breast Massage:

Loosen fascia that has been restricted most of our lives, decompress the lymphatic system, nervous system, and soft tissues. Breast health becomes optimized when structures move freely, congestion decreases, and the chest feels open. Suitable for breast augmentations, reductions or mastectomy. Treatment can be incorporated into any amount of time.

Massage Services
Hands Up

My journey, and why family massage care 

I've been in the massage practice since 2009, and every treatment since has helped me to absorb knowledge of what massage can provide each person.

After a year of general public massage, I quickly understood that women's health needed more support and that knowledge needed to be shared, especially in perinatal. Once I changed my focus, I found home and knew this was where I need to be.


I want to provide you with a quality, knowledgeable treatment with the best care provided. I have a wonderful team of referral practitioners, for you and/or your baby.

I provide treatment to all members of the family; grandparents, parents, parents-to-be, young adults, and infants -Perinatal and postpartum is my specialty!

I want to help you live your best life!  I'm excited to be on this journey with you.

Image by M.T ElGassier

"Best massage ever! Melissa gave perfect pressure, was professional and made me feel completely comfortable. I left feeling WAY better than I arrived and super relaxed and calm. Thank you Melissa! I will be back for sure :)"

-Local momma :)

"Melissa is the most amazing massage therapist you will ever find! She is truly, truly a gem. She has a knack for finding the root of a problem and treating it compassionately and effectively. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Do yourself a favour and book a treatment with her!"
Long time client :)

All Hands In

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Melissa Allison RMT

Collective Therapeutics

577 Ontario Street,

St Catharines, Ontario

L2N 4N4

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Direct Billing offered to most insurance companies. Includes Sunlife, Empire and Greensheild.

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